5 Fun Ways to Waste Time Indoors

Hello again!

So I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but if it’s anything like the current state of Southern Ontario, it is cold cold cold! My school shut down at 1:30 today, and I could hardly get my front door open with all the snow piled up. That being said, there’s a ton of things to keep you busy indoors, if you don’t feel up to braving the chill. These are my personal 5 favourite indoor activities.

1. Do your nails. I don’t feel fully put together unless my nails are done, and I’m not a big fan of manicures generally. So I usually do my own nails. Whether it’s just a few coats of a colour I love, or I’m getting creative with some funky nail art, it usually takes me at least an hour to do my nails. So I tend to wait until I have some free time. I always prefer to jazz mine up a bit, be it a magnetic polish or some cute coloured tips. I recently came across a cool tutorial for leopard print nails on Pinterest, and I have to say they didn’t come out too bad! (Barring the excess polish on the sides – I usually scrub those bits off in the shower the next day.)


2. Netflix marathon. You all know the drill, Netflix is the best thing since the Internet, essentially. Spend a couple hours curled up with some snacks and your current favourite show, and you won’t even realize it’s snowing outside! Add pets and/or significant others to the equation if you have them, because that’s a great way to increase your ultimate experience in coziness.


3. Clean your house/bedroom. Whether you have your own place or you live with family, there’s always space that belongs to you, and chances are it gets messy. We all live busy and active lives, so we likely don’t get to tidy up as much as we’d like to. So if you’ve got time to spare and plan to spend it inside, then it’s a productive way to get busy. And even though cleaning is a drag, it doesn’t have to stay that way – blast your favourite tunes to keep your spirit up as you go! My personal favourites? Classic rock, top 40, and heavy rap… anything that makes me want to dance around!


Iggy Azalea – one of my fave current rappers!

4. Try out some new recipes. Whether you like to cook or simply just like to bake, there are new recipes being invented daily that are just asking to be tried out! There’s few things more satisfying than sampling your food creation once it’s finished and realizing it’s delicious! My favourite ways to find new recipes and how-to’s are by searching Youtube and Pinterest. There are usually some with a step-by-step process (and on Youtube, you can watch how it’s done!), so even if you’re not a cooking genius there is probably a tasty recipe for you.



5. Skype a long-distance friend. Being as busy as we are, we don’t often have a lot of time for the sit-down, face to face chats with our faraway friends. As we get older, we become more separated from the people in our lives. People move for work, people move for school, people start families and want to settle down in another area. Sometimes you make friends online, and they already live across the world. Skype is a great way to stay connected to the people we love but can’t be with in that moment, and there’s no time like a snow day to catch up with them.


That’s all for today friends! I hope you’re all staying warm and staying occupied. ❤