Online Shopping Spree at NastyGal

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying this slowly-warming weather. Here in Toronto we’re supposed to hit 10 degrees tomorrow, and that’s pretty exciting to me! I also have a job interview in the afternoon, so it will be nice not to have to bundle up over my interview attire.

So my 2013 tax refund came in this morning, and it was a pretty decent chunk of change. So like any responsible, fashionable girl would do, I paid all my bills for the next month in advance – and then treated myself to a shopping spree! I have most of the money tucked into savings, but I couldn’t resist stocking up on some super-cute summer items.

NastyGal is my absolute favourite online shopping site. The clothing ranges from edgy to feminine to casual, and there is never a moment I don’t have a wishlist the size of my elbow. I’ve had my eye on a few pieces since they first became available on the site, and most of them were even on sale! So I’ll be sharing with all of you the newest additions to my summer wardrobe. ❤


Cat Scratch Velvet Moto Vest:

I don’t currently own any vests and have never been a huge fan of them, but something about this one pulled me right in! I love animal prints generally, however leopard print is my absolute fave. I’m already visualizing the outfits I can style this with – I’m a big fan of mixing edgy with cute!


MinkPink Third Base Metallic Tee:

This gorgeous tee was a major steal, priced at $17.40 (regularly $58)! Most of the items I’ll be showing you guys were on sale, but I think this item is where I reaped the biggest savings. I prefer my tops to have a looser fit, especially as I wear a lot of leggings and tighter-fitting skirts. Metallics are another personal favourite, and the shine of the shirt gives this classic style a modern face-lift.


Life Of The Party Skirt:

I’ve had my eye on this skirt since it first came out, but I just got around to buying it now. I find the pastel balloons to be almost painfully cute, and skater skirts tend to be flattering on most body types. I’m so excited to dress this up!


Maybe Baby Maxi Skirt:

I have always preferred short skirts/dresses to long ones, but last year I borrowed a maxi dress from a friend and it was the ultimate in comfort! However, it takes a lot for me to step out of my style comfort zone so I hadn’t purchased anything maxi until now. But it was so pretty, in a lovely shade of mint and a side slit, that I just couldn’t resist. Hope I don’t regret it!


Hyper Fluoro Dress:

I fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it. Typically florals don’t do it for me, but whenever they do, it hits me hard. I have always been drawn to short, strapless dresses and this beauty is no exception. Packed full of vibrant colour, this is a definitely must-have for summer 2014 – plus, it’s now 30% off!


Fun Future Dress:

This is actually my second try at this dress. It was part of my previous NastyGal order, and going off previous NG experiences and my general sizing, I ordered it in a medium. Unfortunately, the fabric doesn’t stretch at all and it was very tight-fitting. I couldn’t get it on entirely. So, I cut my losses and sold off the dress to a friend. I hadn’t realized until recently that the item was still available on the site, and in larger sizes too! So I threw in a large dress with the rest of my order, and I’m hoping for the best that it fits me this time around. It was no longer on sale for $20 as it was when I first purchased it, but considering the original price was $118, it was still a deep discount and only cost me $35.40!

Like what you see? Check out for more amazing gear at great prices!

That’s all for now lovelies, see you next time! ♡