An Afternoon at the Bata Shoe Museum


On Saturday, I headed downtown to check out the Bata Shoe Museum with a friend of mine. I had been once before during the Nuit Blanche festival in 2010, but with ever-changing exhibits and accompanied by someone new to Toronto, I thought I was due for another visit.

For those of you who haven’t been, the museum is located on Bloor Street, near St. George subway station. It is visually stunning from the inside and out, and the exhibits are both informative as well as interesting.

My favourite part of the museum is, of course, the celebrity shoes that reside there – these are my favourite celebrity shoes in the current exhibit.


Just like many stylish women, Marilyn favoured a classic red pump. Elizabeth Taylor was a shining star on the silver screen, and definitely worked that in this strappy silver pair.


I was awed to see Margaret Atwood’s heels as a part of the exhibit. The woman is a personal inspiration to me, as well as many other people I know. I was extremely pleased to see her being acknowledged on the same level as movie stars and musicians, for I feel she is an extremely important contributor to society.

batafamous                     batafamous1

Now, here we have a case of shoes belonging to famous musicians throughout history. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to be laid out in any specific order, so it was a little hard to tell what shoes belonged to which star… although some were dead giveaways – hello, who but Elton John would wear those platform boots? I’m also going to take a moment here to raise my eyebrow over the fact that Justin Bieber is being featured in such a prestigous exhibit. The “work” he has done (and I use the term ‘work’ loosely) is nowhere near parallel to that of the other people you see in this case. Alas, I am not the museum curator, and so I will be moving on now.

Bata’s newest exhibit in the museum is currently “Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture”. I couldn’t resist taking a peek despite sneakers not being my thing, and there were actually some gorgeous designs! Here are my top 4 favourite sneakers from the showcase.


I am a HUGE Louboutin fan, so it’s no surprise I was drawn to these spiky sneakers. With the shining gold colour and edgy embellishments, these shoes are sure to turn heads wherever you go.


As far as sneakers go, if I have to wear them, I go Converse every time. While I tend to favour the basic black, I found this butterfly design incredibly appealing. I find butterflies to be delicate yet complicated, and intrinsically beautiful (I even have a butterfly tattoo). Overall, I find these sneakers to be really cute.


Jimmy Choo is another favourite shoe designer of mine. I tend to wear more black than other colours, so this is why I was led over to this pair originally.  However, the paisley print and the female silhouettes were what made me fall in love. Although the sign states that the sneakers are ‘unquestionably masculine’, I would wear the heck out of these!


And lastly (but certainly not least), we have the Lanvin sneakers. The patent leather provides a glossy sheen, and the basic black makes them easy to go with everything – if only they fell into my price range! I never thought I would be able to categorize a pair of sneakers as classy, but now I know it only takes one exceptional designer to change the course of style history.

That concludes my afternoon at the shoe museum. If shoes are your thing (and really, aren’t they every woman’s thing?) then you should definitely check it out. There’s more stunning shoes and shoe history where all of this came from!

See you next time!