Introducing BlakBlak


BlakBlak is the newest fashion sensation to hit the goth and alternative scene here in Toronto. The company opened the doors to its online shop on March 3rd, 2014, and already had quite a following on most prominent social media websites.

Carrie Holmes is the mind behind the designs, and is the creative director and owner of BlakBlak. She is currently a fashion management student at Humber College’s Lakeshore campus, and will be receiving her bachelor’s degree in April 2014.


Carrie attributes her decision to foray into fashion simply because she enjoys it, and states that she wasn’t all that content with the clothing options available to her. Below is an interesting article Carrie says describes her relationship with clothes.

“The name BlakBlak comes from a joke, well known in the Goth community: “My black is blacker than your black. I call it black-black.” This anecdote came up, years ago, in conversation with a friend. We both agreed it would make a great name for a Goth clothing company. I maintain, even years later, that with its use of repetition coupled with the “inside joke” reference, the name has a great deal of appeal, whether the buyer “gets” the joke or not. The spelling was changed to add interest, and appear shorter for text and print.” – Carrie Holmes

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty excited to see what’s next in store for this flourishing designer!


Carrie modeling her Spiked Patch top
Photography by Breila Rose Photography
Makeup by October Grimm
Hair by Abiguaelle Elea Dion

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