World Mastercard Fashion Week: Melissa Nepton, Claudette Floyd, & Helmer

Hello everyone! So as I’m sure you all know, this week was Toronto Fashion Week which will wrap up tomorrow night. There was a ton of shows going on but with my busy school schedule, I was only able to make it out to three of them. Of course they were incredible, and I have lots to share with you all!


Tuesday: Melissa Nepton at 8pm

My friend Carrie (designer of BlakBlak) and I arrived at the tent shortly after 7pm and checked in. Upon entering the premises, we were each given a Globe Style bag filled with free Maybelline goodies (pictured above). Nothing kicks off an evening like free gifts! We milled around for a while waiting for the show to begin, and as we got in line, I bumped into my friend Bobby! I hadn’t seen him since before Christmas as he’s been in Mexico, so that was a nice surprise. The show was so packed that Carrie and I ended up in the very back, so it was difficult to get good camera angles of the runway. However Bobby ended up taking a whole bunch of lovely photos, which he has graciously allowed me to share with all of you.

You can also check out his blog and see his Fashion Week entries here!


I attended Melissa’s show for her fall collection, so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with her latest designs. One thing that she appears to keep consistent is her colour choices, opting for black and whites, greys and neutral tones. In the first photo, the outfit has a sort of triangular print, which had repetition on other designs throughout the show. There was a lot of tailored tops and trousers, pockets on many of the designs, and open cut-out backs in tops and dresses. Many textiles were mixed, and there were hints of mint blended into a few of the looks. Many models carried oversized clutches as they walked. Fur was another common design element within this collection. The second photo was actually my favourite piece in the whole show – I’ve always been a sucker for strapless anything, not to mention skirts and dresses that have pockets! Overall, it was a fantastic collection… but I was a little confused by the hairstyling choices. It really looked like the models’ hair has just been washed and left to air-dry in a messy pile, which didn’t complement the outfits at all. I was there to look at clothes though, not hair, and in that area I was left satisfied.

Thursday at 3pm: Claudette Floyd (Rush Couture) and Helmer


These two designers are friends, and decided to combine their shows together in one! I didn’t take any photos at this one other than the one above, because I got into the second row this time and got an amazing opportunity to get an up-close look at the designs. Needless to say, my time was spent observing and taking notes. But I’ve included a 9-second video clip at the end that I got, so you can catch glimpses of some of the designs.

Helmer: I noticed with this collection, embellishments seemed to be a main focus. Lots of lace overlay, lots of embroidered beading, with some outfits giving the impression of being ‘patched’ with design elements. There was printed, fitted trousers along with fitted jackets, and very full skirts were another collection favourite. My favourite outfit was a supershort strapless black dress with an extremely poofed out skirt, with what appeared to be layers of sheer tulle fabric layered over many times. There were black feathers all over the dress & going up the skirt to the top, giving off a peacock style effect. It was stunning, and I definitely regretted not having my camera at the ready for that one!

Claudette: There was a golden-bronze shimmery fabric that seemed to be the main design concept of this collection. It was used in skirts, dresses, shrugs, and tops. Long flowing skirts and dresses were another consistency I noticed throughout the show. Not unlike Melissa’s pieces on Tuesday, a handful of Claudette’s designs has the open-back concept, though she also did low/open necklines as well. Given the nicer weather that is (hopefully!) on its way and the repetition throughout Fashion Week, I can definitely see this being a trend for fall 2014. There were also some gorgeous jackets featured in this collection.

That’s all I have for you guys tonight. But I’ll be checking out the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show this coming Sunday, which means you’ll of course be hearing about it soon!


5 Fun Ways to Waste Time Indoors

Hello again!

So I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but if it’s anything like the current state of Southern Ontario, it is cold cold cold! My school shut down at 1:30 today, and I could hardly get my front door open with all the snow piled up. That being said, there’s a ton of things to keep you busy indoors, if you don’t feel up to braving the chill. These are my personal 5 favourite indoor activities.

1. Do your nails. I don’t feel fully put together unless my nails are done, and I’m not a big fan of manicures generally. So I usually do my own nails. Whether it’s just a few coats of a colour I love, or I’m getting creative with some funky nail art, it usually takes me at least an hour to do my nails. So I tend to wait until I have some free time. I always prefer to jazz mine up a bit, be it a magnetic polish or some cute coloured tips. I recently came across a cool tutorial for leopard print nails on Pinterest, and I have to say they didn’t come out too bad! (Barring the excess polish on the sides – I usually scrub those bits off in the shower the next day.)


2. Netflix marathon. You all know the drill, Netflix is the best thing since the Internet, essentially. Spend a couple hours curled up with some snacks and your current favourite show, and you won’t even realize it’s snowing outside! Add pets and/or significant others to the equation if you have them, because that’s a great way to increase your ultimate experience in coziness.


3. Clean your house/bedroom. Whether you have your own place or you live with family, there’s always space that belongs to you, and chances are it gets messy. We all live busy and active lives, so we likely don’t get to tidy up as much as we’d like to. So if you’ve got time to spare and plan to spend it inside, then it’s a productive way to get busy. And even though cleaning is a drag, it doesn’t have to stay that way – blast your favourite tunes to keep your spirit up as you go! My personal favourites? Classic rock, top 40, and heavy rap… anything that makes me want to dance around!


Iggy Azalea – one of my fave current rappers!

4. Try out some new recipes. Whether you like to cook or simply just like to bake, there are new recipes being invented daily that are just asking to be tried out! There’s few things more satisfying than sampling your food creation once it’s finished and realizing it’s delicious! My favourite ways to find new recipes and how-to’s are by searching Youtube and Pinterest. There are usually some with a step-by-step process (and on Youtube, you can watch how it’s done!), so even if you’re not a cooking genius there is probably a tasty recipe for you.


5. Skype a long-distance friend. Being as busy as we are, we don’t often have a lot of time for the sit-down, face to face chats with our faraway friends. As we get older, we become more separated from the people in our lives. People move for work, people move for school, people start families and want to settle down in another area. Sometimes you make friends online, and they already live across the world. Skype is a great way to stay connected to the people we love but can’t be with in that moment, and there’s no time like a snow day to catch up with them.


That’s all for today friends! I hope you’re all staying warm and staying occupied. ❤

An Afternoon at the Bata Shoe Museum


On Saturday, I headed downtown to check out the Bata Shoe Museum with a friend of mine. I had been once before during the Nuit Blanche festival in 2010, but with ever-changing exhibits and accompanied by someone new to Toronto, I thought I was due for another visit.

For those of you who haven’t been, the museum is located on Bloor Street, near St. George subway station. It is visually stunning from the inside and out, and the exhibits are both informative as well as interesting.

My favourite part of the museum is, of course, the celebrity shoes that reside there – these are my favourite celebrity shoes in the current exhibit.


Just like many stylish women, Marilyn favoured a classic red pump. Elizabeth Taylor was a shining star on the silver screen, and definitely worked that in this strappy silver pair.


I was awed to see Margaret Atwood’s heels as a part of the exhibit. The woman is a personal inspiration to me, as well as many other people I know. I was extremely pleased to see her being acknowledged on the same level as movie stars and musicians, for I feel she is an extremely important contributor to society.

batafamous                     batafamous1

Now, here we have a case of shoes belonging to famous musicians throughout history. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to be laid out in any specific order, so it was a little hard to tell what shoes belonged to which star… although some were dead giveaways – hello, who but Elton John would wear those platform boots? I’m also going to take a moment here to raise my eyebrow over the fact that Justin Bieber is being featured in such a prestigous exhibit. The “work” he has done (and I use the term ‘work’ loosely) is nowhere near parallel to that of the other people you see in this case. Alas, I am not the museum curator, and so I will be moving on now.

Bata’s newest exhibit in the museum is currently “Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture”. I couldn’t resist taking a peek despite sneakers not being my thing, and there were actually some gorgeous designs! Here are my top 4 favourite sneakers from the showcase.


I am a HUGE Louboutin fan, so it’s no surprise I was drawn to these spiky sneakers. With the shining gold colour and edgy embellishments, these shoes are sure to turn heads wherever you go.


As far as sneakers go, if I have to wear them, I go Converse every time. While I tend to favour the basic black, I found this butterfly design incredibly appealing. I find butterflies to be delicate yet complicated, and intrinsically beautiful (I even have a butterfly tattoo). Overall, I find these sneakers to be really cute.


Jimmy Choo is another favourite shoe designer of mine. I tend to wear more black than other colours, so this is why I was led over to this pair originally.  However, the paisley print and the female silhouettes were what made me fall in love. Although the sign states that the sneakers are ‘unquestionably masculine’, I would wear the heck out of these!


And lastly (but certainly not least), we have the Lanvin sneakers. The patent leather provides a glossy sheen, and the basic black makes them easy to go with everything – if only they fell into my price range! I never thought I would be able to categorize a pair of sneakers as classy, but now I know it only takes one exceptional designer to change the course of style history.

That concludes my afternoon at the shoe museum. If shoes are your thing (and really, aren’t they every woman’s thing?) then you should definitely check it out. There’s more stunning shoes and shoe history where all of this came from!

See you next time!

Introducing BlakBlak


BlakBlak is the newest fashion sensation to hit the goth and alternative scene here in Toronto. The company opened the doors to its online shop on March 3rd, 2014, and already had quite a following on most prominent social media websites.

Carrie Holmes is the mind behind the designs, and is the creative director and owner of BlakBlak. She is currently a fashion management student at Humber College’s Lakeshore campus, and will be receiving her bachelor’s degree in April 2014.


Carrie attributes her decision to foray into fashion simply because she enjoys it, and states that she wasn’t all that content with the clothing options available to her. Below is an interesting article Carrie says describes her relationship with clothes.

“The name BlakBlak comes from a joke, well known in the Goth community: “My black is blacker than your black. I call it black-black.” This anecdote came up, years ago, in conversation with a friend. We both agreed it would make a great name for a Goth clothing company. I maintain, even years later, that with its use of repetition coupled with the “inside joke” reference, the name has a great deal of appeal, whether the buyer “gets” the joke or not. The spelling was changed to add interest, and appear shorter for text and print.” – Carrie Holmes

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty excited to see what’s next in store for this flourishing designer!


Carrie modeling her Spiked Patch top
Photography by Breila Rose Photography
Makeup by October Grimm
Hair by Abiguaelle Elea Dion

Follow BlakBlak on your social media sites for news and updates!

RAW artists hit Toronto with their Awakening showcase


On Thursday (February 27th), I had the great pleasure of attending the Awakening event put on by RAW for an evening of great art, great music, and cutting-edge fashion. It was held at the Revival Bar on College Street, and the dress code was cocktail attire. So I donned my red sateen Dynamite strapless dress and some black heels, and headed out for what was sure to be a night to remember!

Two of my good friends were actually featured in the show, which is how I first found out about it. Breila Rose Rathlou is a skilled photographer from Guelph, Ontario, and Michael Archibald is talented painter located right here in the city. I was incredibly proud to see their work on the walls of such a busy, high-energy event. You can check out their work below, and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed! 

Breila Rose – 

Mike Archibald –


My favourite part of the evening would definitely have to be the runway shows! These were the three designers were featured in the fashion show at this event, along with some photographs I snapped of my favourite designs.

Lesley Hampton:

Katrina Mior:

Rachel Chan:








There was even a hoop performance out on the runway.




Overall, just a really amazing night.  I was so glad to be a part of it, and I hope there are many more RAW events to come!