I just wanted to apologize for my little hiatus – final exams are this week and I just got a job last week, so I’ve been busy busy busy over here!

You can expect me back in full force soon, I hope! 🙂


Turn your closet into cash in just 3 easy steps!

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. 

Today we’re going to talk about the many ways you can turn your unwanted items into money in the bank. Some of you may already be familiar with some of the tools used to do this, but you might also learn something new!

Step One: Assess your wardrobe.

This is the part everyone hates, but it of course has to be done to reap the rewards! Clean your bedroom, clean your closets, make a pile of what you want to keep and get rid off. Once you’ve done this, examine the items you want to get rid of – are there any stains? Any holes? Any other faults? If so, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not sell-able. It’s up to you to assess the damage and figure out if it needs to be tossed, or if minor repairs can be done – in which case, most buyers I’ve found are likely to purchase the item anyway, but typically only if given a discount. How much of a discount, this is also your call.

Step Two: Decide where to sell.

I personally use a variety of online outlet to sell my items. These are the ones I am currently using.

Ebay: I’m sure we’re all familiar with Ebay. It’s reputable, it’s fairly easy, and the feedback option helps you to know who is good to sell to and won’t mess you around. The only downside is, their fees take a good chunk out of your final price, and if you’re selling because you really need the money then paying a fee isn’t ideal.

Kijiji/Craigslist: These sites are basically the same thing. You can pick your city, pick your selling category, and basically post up anything you want to sell for free. However, you make arrangements to meet up with the buyer to make the transaction, whereas most of the other outlets I’m talking about requiring shipping them out. Make sure you are able to meet with someone if you have agreed to sell something, don’t be that guy who bails. |

Facebook: This is currently my most-used selling area. You can create albums of the things you’re selling, and share them with your friends list. You can create an event, and hold item auctions within posts on that event, like your own personal fee-free Ebay. There are also local buy/swap/sell groups, sometimes for specific items and sometimes just for anything at all! I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t paid rent before purely by selling lightly-worn clothing through Facebook. It really does work!

Step Three: Complete the Transaction

Once your listings are up, you have to stay active online. Emails, comments, messages should be able to be replied to within 24 hours. If you didn’t include photos with your listing, send photos of the item(s) to any interested party that inquires. if you’re doing a deal in person, be sure to be on time – and if you don’t know them, always choose a public place! If the sale requires you to hit the post office, be sure to do so on your agreed date. I typically take photographs of the package and send it to the buyer, just for piece of mind (and include the tracking number, if they have paid one). I also recommend PayPal be used as the method of payment, for those transactions in which there isn’t any real-life meeting. They charge a small fee to the seller, but this way you are both protected in case anything goes wrong.

Soon you’ll be getting rid of all the unwanted items taking up space in your home, and turning it into cash!

The Bazaar of the Bizarre, Spring Edition

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week. I’ve been extremely busy with schoolwork as exams are (not-so-) slowly creeping up, but I gave myself a break on Sunday afternoon to check out the Bazaar of the Bizarre!

I’ve attended the bazaars a few times before. They generally have it four times a year, once a season. Just like any other bazaar, vendors set up shop to sell their handmade wares to the public. However, this one has a twist – all sorts of creepy, unusual, and inventive items are up for grabs, among the other typical items such as homemade cosmetics.

This time, there was a booth that sold spiked and leather clothing exclusively. There was a couple art and jewelry vendors, in which skeletons, skulls, and anatomy-shaped items were a common theme. I always tend to find the most feminine booths and stick to them like glue, because that is more up my alley (as if you couldn’t tell)! This bazaar was no exception, so of course I did some minor shopping while I browsed around.


Nail Kandy | | |

This booth was one of my favourites! The owner and creator (Kate Bland) produces hand-mixed nail polish, painted glue-on nails, and accessories. I am a nail polish junkie, and will buy new shades as often as once a week, so I rarely turn down the chance to try out a new brand. Glitters and bright colours are typically the shades I lean towards, so I went for a Nail Kandy top coat called ‘Flirt’ that had both! I currently have this shade over top of a berry polish, and it gives off almost a watermelon effect. I also picked up this amazingly cute mermaid necklace. I almost didn’t go for it because as much as I love mermaids, this one is a bit too little-girl cute for me. However, the extra underwater accents were so pretty that I took the plunge anyway.


Dara Gold – Illustrator & Fine Artist | |

Dara’s work is absolutely incredible! I was fascinated by the idea of making art using tea stains. There was some framed art for sale as well as a book of tea stain prints, but there was also a much smaller album where you could choose a ‘mini’ tea stain and she would draw a picture for you. Wait times varied between 10-20 minutes, depending how many people were ahead of you. I had noticed some large mermaid art in the prints book, and since I am clearly a mermaid fanatic, that was my request. Didn’t she do an amazing job? 🙂


Last but certainly not least, I picked up this gorgeous little galaxy hair bow from an accessories stall! Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle I completely forgot to pick up a business card, so I have no idea who I bought it from. I will be on the hunt for the creator, and I will be back to update this post once I find her! But I couldn’t resist sharing the cuteness of this with you in the meantime.

Thanks for joining me again, and have a great weekend everyone! ♡